Services Gazelle Safety Solutions specializes in assisting business, industry & government to create viable & sustainable business through client specific & value added Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems and Business Support. Our focus is on ensuring that your company aware of Health & Safety Laws, which in turn will allow you to work to your full potential. There are frequently reports of companies that have had their reputations and finances damaged through non-adherence to Health & Safety regulations, usually involving serious injury to workers and, unfortunately, many deaths. We help companies to stay on the right side of the Health & Safety regulatory agencies through the implementation of Safety Management Systems and training that that protect workers, the public, and the company., and Arbor Safety Consulting is equipped to high quality advice and support on health and safety issues affecting your workplace. All services provided are tailor made for the customer to suit the business requirements and improves the effectiveness of the safety, health and quality management system. These services include development, implementation, assistance and/or maintenance of these systems.They include the following: � Design, development and maintenance of health and safety systems � Developing and drafting of all health and safety documentation relating to the Act, i.e. policies, procedures and manuals � Development of SHE files � Reviewing of current health and safety documentation � Health and safety documentation management and control � Re-engineering of current health and safety systems � Consultancy and general health and safety advice services � Achieving audit readiness � Conducting Safety Perception Surveys � Ensuring OHSAS compliance � Ensuring Construction Regulation compliance � Ensuring Hazardous Chemical Regulation compliance � Ensuring Fire Fighting Equipment compliance � Ensuring health and safety management compliance with Safety Sign Regulations � Conducting of Gap Analysis Audits � Conducting of Internal Audits on Health and Safety Management Systems � Conducting supplier/third party audits � Health and safety inspections � Emergency response procedure development