Product information and features.

We produce plastic handcuffs are made ????of imported nylon material certified by UL, not easy to break, attractive appearance, easy to carry and use.  Plastic handcuffs and the steel handcuffs compared moderate, alleviate a lot of the hurt and pain of the suspects. It handcuffs thoroughly farewell with the instruments of torture, restore armed with.  Treatment of violent and non-violent crime, there should be strict distinction between use armed with, as the use of firearms.

The emergence of such handcuffs for non-violent crimes, especially mass emergencies. Such as unauthorized demonstrations, or the impact of the government agencies, it does not work, including the emotional court of the person or the family members to make a stir, or artificially elderly, women, minors in custody. To avoid damage on the other side to stop violent impulses, or the circumstances are obviously minor crimes.

Plastic handcuffs police law enforcement more civilized norms, more filled with the spirit of the rule of law, as much as possible to avoid the use of violence, or required the use of violence as much as possible to reduce the violence into injury.  To do a one-time use, this product can not be reused.

This product should be kept away from minors, can not do the toys to the children play the game.